2010-2018 global carbon fiber market forecast 2

2.Asia increasingly fierce market competition

2006 World carbon fiber consumption by region to points, Europe accounted for 30%, North America 35%, Japan 15%, 20% of the other regions. The United States, Europe and Japan is a traditional carbon fiber composites the main consumption areas, it is expected that Asian demand will grow rapidly in the next few years.

Japan's three carbon fiber maker Toray Industries, Toho Tenax Company and Mitsubishi synthetic fiber currently has more than 70% market share of the global PAN-based carbon fiber, with the South Korean and Indian companies involved in the field, this monopoly situation will be broken.

South Korean synthetic fiber manufacturer Thai Light Industry (Taekwang) carbon fiber production facilities will soon be officially put into operation in 2012, Hyosung Group's carbon fiber project will also enter the industrial production. The Woongjin Group (Woongjin)'s Woongjin Chemical Company is Gumi Industrial Zone, construction of carbon fiber production line, is expected to put into production in the fourth quarter of 2011.


The face of competition, Japanese companies are not satisfied with the existing market. Toray Industries has decided to set up factories in South Korea, the nearest service users, to form a production capacity of 1.8 million tons / year to 2020; synthetic fiber Mitsubishi announced the resumption of its capacity building work in the the Otake factory carbon fiber Restoration; TohoTenax company also announced in Singapore set up a liaison office.

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